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Online Sources Cited in Opinions*

Term Year: 2021
Case Number Case Name / Cited Material
21A90 Does v. Mills

21A244 NFIB v. OSHA

21A240 Biden v. Missouri

21A145 Dr. A v. Hochul

20-827 United States v. Zubaydah

21A477 Austin v. U. S. Navy Seals 1–26

20-303 United States v. Vaello Madero

20-826 Brown v. Davenport

20-1800 Shurtleff v. Boston

20-979 Patel v. Garland

*Because some URLs cited in the Court's opinions may change over time or disappear altogether, an attempt is made to capture, as closely as possible, the material cited in an opinion at the time of its release. Capture dates, when they appear on the material, may not match the "as visited" date contained in an opinion's citation to that material.


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