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Case Citation Finder

The search box below may be used to retrieve the citation, in the form recommended by the Reporter of Decisions, for every signed, per curiam, or in-chambers opinion published (or soon to be published) in the United States Reports.

Boolean Operators

The Boolean operators AND and OR may be used to establish logical relationships among searchable citation elements (e.g., parties, volume number, initial page number, decision year) expressed in a query.  The more specific the query is, the fewer the number of extraneous hits that will be produced.

AND      When two or more citation elements are known, AND may be used to restrict a search.  For instance, the query smith AND city returns only the citations that contain both words.  A query in the form 544 AND 228 might be used to retrieve the citation located at 544 U. S. 228, or 544 AND city might be used to retrieve citations from 544 U. S. in which a party to the case has "city" in its name.

OR        OR is the default operator for the Case Citation Finder.  Therefore, if no Boolean operator or quotation marks are used in a query consisting of more than one word, the query is treated as if OR was inserted between the words.  For instance, the query smith OR city (or smith city) returns citations containing the word "smith," the word "city," or both.

Quotation Marks

Quotation marks may be used to search for specific phrases and may be used in combination with the Boolean operators, e.g., "city of jackson"or "city of jackson" AND smith.

Sorting Results

Returned results may be sorted numerically by volume or alphabetically by either petitioner or respondent.  


This Case Citation Finder will be updated to include new cases as soon as they are scheduled for oral argument.

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