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Today at the Court - Wednesday, Dec 7, 2022

  • The Court will convene for a public session in the Courtroom at 10 a.m. The Justices will hear one oral argument. An audio feed will be live-streamed, and the audio will be available on the Court's website later in the day. 
  • Seating for the oral argument session will be provided to the public, members of the Supreme Court Bar, and press. The three-minute line will be temporarily suspended. The Supreme Court Building will be otherwise closed.
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Oral Arguments

Week of Monday, December 5

Monday, December 5
303 Creative LLC v. Elenis (21-476)
MOAC Mall Holdings LLC v. Transform Holdco LLC (21-1270)

Tuesday, December 6
U.S., ex rel. Polansky v. Executive Health (21-1052)
Bartenwerfer v. Buckley (21-908)

Wednesday, December 7
Moore v. Harper (21-1271)


The audio recordings and transcripts of all oral arguments heard by the Supreme Court of the United States are posted on this website on the same day an argument is heard by the Court. Same-day transcripts are considered official but subject to final review.

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One Dollar Legal Tender Note issued in 1862
One Dollar Legal Tender Note issued in 1862
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Salmon P. Chase Greenback

Salmon P. Chase served as Secretary of the Treasury under President Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War and would later be appointed Chief Justice in 1864. His portrait appears on the first one dollar bill in 1862, popularly known as a “greenback” due to its color. “I had some handsome pictures put on them…” Chase later recalled, “and as I like to be among the people...and as the engravers thought me rather good looking, I told them they might put me on the end of the one-dollar bills.”


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