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June 17, 2019
Manhattan Community Access Corp. v. Halleck (17-1702)
Petitioner, a private nonprofit corporation designated by New York City to operate the public access channels on the Manhattan cable system owned by Time Warner (now Charter), is not a state actor subject to the First Amendment.

Virginia Uranium, Inc. v. Warren (16-1275)
The Fourth Circuit’s judgment that the Atomic Energy Act does not preempt Virginia’s prohibition on uranium mining in the Commonwealth is affirmed.

Gamble v. United States (17-646)
The dual sovereignty doctrine—under which two offenses are not the “same offence” for double jeopardy purposes if prosecuted by separate sovereigns—is upheld.

Virginia House of Delegates v. Bethune-Hill (18-281)
The House of Delegates lacks standing to appeal the invalidation of Virginia’s redistricting plan.

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Salmon P. Chase Greenback

Salmon P. Chase served as Secretary of the Treasury under President Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War and would later be appointed Chief Justice in 1864. His portrait appears on the first one dollar bill in 1862, popularly known as a “greenback” due to its color. “I had some handsome pictures put on them…” Chase later recalled, “and as I like to be among the people...and as the engravers thought me rather good looking, I told them they might put me on the end of the one-dollar bills.”


One Dollar Legal Tender Note issued in 1862
One Dollar Legal Tender Note issued in 1862
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