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Search Tips

To use this search page, you can look for a single word. Or, use the tips below to refine your search to find more specific results. In all these examples please note that the searches are case insensitive, so searching for Supreme Court is the same as searching for SUPREME COURT.

  • Look for two or more words at once by just separating them by a space or using the AND operator.
    Example - type Supreme AND Court  or simply Supreme Court to find documents that have both the word supreme and the word court anywhere.
  • Look for a phrase.
    Example:  type "Supreme Court" in quotes to find the exact phrase Supreme Court. The search is not case-sensitive.
  • Look for words that are close to each other by using the NEAR operator instead of the AND operator. When you use NEAR, the closer together the words are, the higher the rank of the page, so the higher it appears in the list of search results.
    Example - type Rehearing NEAR denied to match documents where the word rehearing and denied are within 50 words of  each other. 
  • Look for synonyms or similar words by using the OR operator. Note that if you don't use the OR operator and search using multiple words, a boolean AND operator is assumed.
    Example - type Order OR Journal to find documents containing the word Order or the word Journal, but not necessarily both.
  • Limit your search by using the NOT operator to exclude words.
    Example - type surfing NOT Internet to find all instances of surfing, as long as Internet is not in the document.
  • Use double quotes if you want to use AND, OR, NOT, or NEAR literally.
    Example - type "Search will not find" to find documents with the phrase Search will not find. Without the double quotes, this query would use the NOT operator to exclude the word find.
  • Look for words that begin with the same letters by using a single asterick (*).
    Example - type cert* to find certify, certioraricertification and so on.

More advanced searches

You can combine many of the above tips to create more specific searches such as:

  • Using multiple operators:  Use parentheses around each combination of NEAR and combine them into a more complicated search such as: (Supreme NEAR Court) AND (Capital NEAR Case) would return items where the word Supreme is near the word Court and where Capital is also near the word Case. This would differ from Supreme NEAR Court NEAR Capital NEAR Case because that would require all four words to be in close proximity to each other.


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