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Opinions Relating to Orders - 2023

Opinions may be written by Justices to comment on the summary disposition of cases by orders, e.g., if a Justice wants to dissent from the denial of certiorari or concur in that denial. Any opinions written during October Term 2023 (October 2, 2023, through October 6, 2024), will be posted here on the day they are issued. They will remain posted until the opinions for the entire Term are published in the bound volumes of the United States Reports. For further information, see Table Definitions.

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Date Docket Name Revised J. Citation
11/20/23 23-13 E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. v. Abbott   T 601/1
11/16/23 23A366 Griffin v. HM Florida-Orl, LLC   BK 601/1
11/13/23 22-693 Johnson v. Prentice   KJ 601/1
Date Docket Name Revised J. Citation
10/30/23 22-912 King v. Brownback   SS 601/1
10/25/23 23A315 West Flagler Associates, Ltd. v. Haaland   BK 601/1
10/20/23 23A243 Murthy v. Missouri   A 601/1
10/20/23 23A296 Missouri v. United States   NG 601/1
10/19/23 23A281 Robinson v. Ardoin   KJ 601/1
10/10/23 22-1125 Blankenship v. NBCUniversal   T 601/1


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