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FAQs - Supreme Court Justices

 How many Justices have there been?

As of June 2022, there have been 116 Justices.

 What is the average length of a Justice’s tenure?

The average number of years that Justices have served is 16.

 Who was the longest serving Chief Justice?

The longest serving Chief Justice was Chief Justice John Marshall who served for 34 years, 5 months and 11 days from 1801 to 1835.

 Which Chief Justice served the shortest Term?

The shortest serving Chief Justice was John Rutledge who was appointed under a temporary commission because the Senate was in recess. He served for 5 months and 14 days before the Senate reconvened and rejected his nomination.

 Who was the longest serving Associate Justice?

The longest serving Justice was William O. Douglas who served for 36 years, 7 months, and 8 days from 1939 to 1975.

 Which Associate Justice served the shortest Term?

John Rutledge served the shortest tenure as an Associate Justice at one year and 18 days, from 1790 to 1791. The next shortest tenure was that of James F. Byrnes who served 1 year, 2 months, and 25 days from 1941 to 1942. For many years, Justice Thomas Johnson was thought to have been the shortest serving Justice but under a temporary recess appointment he served a total of 1 year, 3 months and 28 days.

 Who was the youngest Chief Justice appointed?

John Jay (1789-1795) was 44 years old when he took his oath of office.

 Who was the oldest Chief Justice appointed?

Harlan F. Stone (1941-1946) was 68 years old when he took his oath of office.

 Who was the oldest Associate Justice appointed?

Horace Lurton (1910-1914) was 65 years old when he took his oath of office.

 Who was the oldest person to serve on the Supreme Court?

The oldest person to serve as a Supreme Court Justice was Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., (1902-1932) who was 90 when he retired from the Court.

 Have any Justices been born in another country?

Six Justices were born outside the United States. They are:

  • James Wilson (1789-1798) born in Caskardy, Scotland
  • James Iredell (1790-1799) born in Lewes, England
  • William Paterson (1793-1806) born in County Antrim, Ireland
  • David J. Brewer (1889-1910) born in Smyrna, Turkey
  • George Sutherland (1922-1939) born in Buckinghamshire, England
  • Felix Frankfurter (1939-1962) born in Vienna, Austria

 Has anyone ever served as both President and Chief Justice?

William Howard Taft is the only person to have served as both President of the United States (1909-1913) and Chief Justice of the United States (1921-1930).

 Who was the first Jewish Supreme Court Justice?

Associate Justice Louis D. Brandeis (1916-1939).

 Who was the first African American Supreme Court Justice?

Associate Justice Thurgood Marshall (1967-1991).

 Who was the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice?

Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor (2009-Present).

 Who was the first woman to serve as a Supreme Court Justice?

Associate Justice Sandra Day O’Connor (1981-2006).

 Have any Supreme Court Justices had the same name?

Two Associate Justices were named John Marshall Harlan. The first served from 1877 to 1911. The second, his grandson, served from 1955 to 1971.

 Have any Supreme Court Justices served as law clerks?

Ten Justices served as law clerks. They are:

  • Byron R. White clerked for Chief Justice Fred Vinson during the 1946 Term.
  • William H. Rehnquist clerked for Justice Robert H. Jackson during the 1952 Term.
  • John Paul Stevens clerked for Justice Wiley B. Rutledge during the 1947 Term.
  • Stephen G. Breyer clerked for Justice Arthur J. Goldberg during the 1964 Term.
  • John G. Roberts, Jr., clerked for Justice William H. Rehnquist during the 1980 Term.
  • Elena Kagan clerked for Justice Thurgood Marshall during the 1987 Term.
  • Neil M. Gorsuch clerked for then-retired Justice Byron R. White and Justice Anthony M. Kennedy during the 1993 Term.
  • Brett M. Kavanaugh clerked for Justice Anthony M. Kennedy during the 1993 Term.
  • Amy Coney Barrett clerked for Justice Antonin Scalia during the 1998 Term.
  • Ketanji Brown Jackson clerked for Justice Stephen G. Breyer during the 1999 Term.

Justice Gorsuch is the first to have served as a member of the Court alongside a Justice for whom he clerked.

 What law schools did the present Justices graduate from?

  • Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. - Harvard (J.D.)
  • Justice Clarence Thomas - Yale (J.D.)
  • Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr. - Yale (J.D.)
  • Justice Sonia Sotomayor - Yale (J.D.)
  • Justice Elena Kagan - Harvard (J.D.)
  • Justice Neil M. Gorsuch - Harvard (J.D.)
  • Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh - Yale (J.D.)
  • Justice Amy Coney Barrett - Notre Dame (J.D.)
  • Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson - Harvard (J.D.)

 Why do Justices wear black robes?

Judicial robes have long been thought to bring dignity and solemnity to judicial proceedings. Following the custom of English judges, some American colonial judges adopted the wearing of robes along with many other customs and principles of the English common law system. When the Supreme Court first met in 1790, the Justices had not settled on whether to wear robes, but in February 1792 they did appear in a standard set of robes for the first time, which one reporter referred to as "robes of justice." These robes are thought to have been black, trimmed with red and white on the front and sleeves. They were only used for a few years before the Justices adopted all black robes.


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