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July 9, 2020 Kathleen Arberg (202) 479-3211


Statement from Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.:

I am authorized to announce that the Court has acted upon all cases submitted to the Court for decision this Term. Disposition of items considered at conference yesterday will be reflected on an Order List that will be released at 2 p.m. today. The Court will be in recess from today until the first Monday in October 2020, at which time the October 2019 Term of the Court will be adjourned, and the October 2020 Term of the Court will begin, as provided by law.

On behalf of my colleagues, I would like to thank the Supreme Court employees for their outstanding work and dedication to their important responsibilities this Term. The commitment and professionalism of all the Court staff contribute significantly to the accomplishments of the Court’s mission. The Court also thanks the members of the Court’s bar for their professionalism and cooperation.

Before we rise for the summer, I would like to note the retirement of six Court employees. James Baker is retiring with more than 35 years of outstanding service in the Marshal’s Office. Agent Andrew Ruggles is retiring from the Police with more than 28 years of distinguished Supreme Court service. Melissa Walters retired from our Clerk’s Office July 31, 2019, with nearly 28 years of outstanding Supreme Court service, and Kathleen Tycz retired with over 40 years of dedicated service in the Clerk’s Office.

I also note that our Reporter of Decisions, Christine Luchok Fallon, has announced her retirement, effective September 25th of this year. Ms. Fallon has served as reporter for nine years and is the first woman to hold the position. She has overseen the publication of nearly 30 volumes of the Supreme Court Reports. Ms. Fallon, we thank you for your service, which you have performed with exemplary diligence and skill.

Our Marshal, Pamela Talkin, who has sat next to the Bench for the past 19 years and has heard more than 1,300 arguments, has announced her retirement, effective July 31st of this year. Marshal Talkin also is the first woman to hold the position. The Marshal of the Court is responsible for supervising 260 employees and managing many critical functions of the Court, including overseeing security and maintaining the Building and grounds. Marshal Talkin, we thank you for your exceptional service to the Court.

Mr. Baker, Agent Ruggles, Ms. Walters, Ms. Tycz, Ms. Fallon, and Marshal Talkin, the Court thanks each of you for your dedicated public service to Court and Country. We wish each of you well in your retirement.


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