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Media Advisory For Further Information Contact:
October 22, 2020 Kathleen Arberg (202) 479-3211

Media Advisory Regarding November and December Teleconference Argument Audio

The Court will hear all oral arguments scheduled for the November and December sessions by telephone conference. In keeping with public health guidance in response to COVID-19, the Justices and counsel will all participate remotely. The oral arguments are scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. On days when more than one case will be heard, there will be a three minute pause before the second case begins.

The Court will provide a live audio feed of the arguments to ABC News (the network pool chair), the Associated Press, and C-SPAN, and they will in turn provide a simultaneous feed for the oral arguments to livestream on various media platforms for public access.

The network pool will distribute the teleconference live audio feed to network subscribers. C-SPAN will distribute the audio live via the Capitol Hill hub to all news organizations accredited by the Congressional Radio and Television Gallery. Media organizations not included in the network pool may access the AP live audio feed via an AP website. For more information, media organizations may contact Jack Auresto, AP Washington deputy bureau chief, at C-SPAN will livestream and archive the audio of all of the teleconference oral arguments online at

The oral argument audio and a transcript of the oral arguments will be posted on the Court’s website following oral argument each day.


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