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2016 Term Opinions of the Court

Slip Opinions, Per Curiams (PC), and Original Case Decrees (D)

The "slip" opinion is the second version of an opinion. It is sent to the printer later in the day on which the "bench" opinion is released by the Court. Each slip opinion has the same elements as the bench opinion--majority or plurality opinion, concurrences or dissents, and a prefatory syllabus--but may contain corrections not appearing in the bench opinion. The slip opinions collected here are those issued during October Term 2016 (October 2, 2016, through October 1, 2017). These opinions are posted on the Website within minutes after the bench opinions are issued and will remain posted until the opinions for the entire Term are published in the bound volumes of the United States Reports. For further information, see Column Header Definitions and Information About Opinions.

Caution: These electronic opinions may contain computer-generated errors or other deviations from the official printed slip opinion pamphlets. Moreover, a slip opinion is replaced by a paginated version of the case in the preliminary print, and, subsequently, by the final version of the case in a U. S. Reports bound volume. In case of discrepancies between the print and electronic versions of a slip opinion, the print version controls. However, where the electronic version has been designated “revised,” the electronic version controls to the extent that it differs from the print version with regard to the noted revision. In case of discrepancies between the slip opinion and any later official version of the opinion—i.e., the preliminary print or bound volume version—the later version controls.

R- Date Docket Name Revised J. Pt.
21 3/22/17 15-649 Czyzewski v. Jevic Holding Corp.   B 580/2
20 3/22/17 15-866 Star Athletica, L. L. C. v. Varsity Brands, Inc.   T 580/2
19 3/22/17 15-827 Endrew F. v. Douglas County School Dist. RE–1   R 580/2
18 3/21/17 14-9496 Manuel v. Joliet   EK 580/2
17 3/21/17 15-927 SCA Hygiene Products Aktiebolag v. First Quality Baby Products, LLC   A 580/2
16 3/21/17 15-1251 NLRB v. SW General, Inc   R 580/2
15 3/06/17 16-6316 Rippo v. Baker   PC 580/2
14 3/06/17 15-8544 Beckles v. United States   T 580/2
13 3/06/17 15-606 Pena-Rodriguez v. Colorado   K 580/2
12 3/01/17 15-680 Bethune-Hill v. Virginia State Bd. of Elections   K 580/2
11 2/22/17 15-497 Fry v. Napoleon Community Schools   EK 580/1
10 2/22/17 14-1538 Life Technologies Corp. v. Promega Corp.   SS 580/1
9 2/22/17 15-8049 Buck v. Davis   R 580/1
8 1/18/17 14-1055 Lightfoot v. Cendant Mortgage Corp   SS 580/1
7 1/09/17 16-67 White v. Pauly   PC 580/1
6 12/12/16 15-5991 Shaw v. United States   B 580/1
5 12/06/16 15-777 Samsung Electronics Co. v. Apple Inc.   SS 580/1
4 12/06/16 15-628 Salman v. United States   A 580/1
3 12/06/16 15-513 State Farm Fire & Casualty Co. v. United States ex rel. Rigsby   K 580/1
2 11/29/16 15-537 Bravo-Fernandez v. United States   G 580/1
1 10/11/16 15-9173 Bosse v. Oklahoma   PC 580/1

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