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Orders of the Court - Term Year 2003

The vast majority of cases filed in the Supreme Court are disposed of summarily by unsigned orders. Such an order will, for example, deny a petition for certiorari without comment. Regularly scheduled lists of orders are issued on each Monday that the Court sits, but "miscellaneous" orders may be issued in individual cases at any time. Scheduled order lists are posted on this Website on the day of their issuance, while miscellaneous orders are posted on the day of issuance or the next day.

Caution: These electronic orders may contain computer-generated errors or other deviations from the official printed versions. Moreover, all order lists and miscellaneous orders are replaced within a few months by paginated versions of them in a preliminary print of the United States Reports, and one year after the issuance of the preliminary print by the final version of the orders in a U. S. Reports bound volume. In case of discrepancies between the print and electronic versions of orders, the print version controls. In case of discrepancies between order lists or miscellaneous orders and any later official version of them, the later version controls.

Term Year: 2003

09/28/04   Miscellaneous Orders
09/27/04   Miscellaneous Order
09/24/04   Miscellaneous Order
09/09/04   Miscellaneous Order
09/03/04   Miscellaneous Orders
08/26/04   Miscellaneous Order
08/25/04   Miscellaneous Order
08/23/04   Miscellaneous Orders
08/12/04   Miscellaneous Order
08/11/04   Miscellaneous Order
08/05/04   Miscellaneous Order
08/02/04   Miscellaneous Orders
07/21/04   Miscellaneous Orders
07/19/04   Miscellaneous Orders
07/07/04   Miscellaneous Order
07/01/04   Miscellaneous Orders
06/30/04   Miscellaneous Orders
06/29/04   Miscellaneous Order
06/28/04   Order List
06/21/04   Order List
06/17/04   Miscellaneous Orders
06/16/04   Miscellaneous Orders
06/14/04   Order List
06/08/04   Miscellaneous Order
06/07/04   Order List
06/01/04   Order List
05/24/04   Order List
05/18/04   Miscellaneous Order
05/17/04   Order List
05/14/04   Miscellaneous Order
05/13/04   Miscellaneous Order
05/03/04   Order List
04/26/04   Miscellaneous Order
04/26/04   Order List
04/23/04   Miscellaneous Order
04/19/04   Order List
04/16/04   Miscellaneous Orders
04/14/04   Miscellaneous Order
04/05/04   Order List
03/31/04   Miscellaneous Orders
03/29/04   Miscellaneous Order
03/29/04   Order List
03/22/04   Order List
03/19/04   Miscellaneous Orders
03/09/04   Miscellaneous Order
03/08/04   Order List
03/01/04   Miscellaneous Order
03/01/04   Order List
02/26/04   Miscellaneous Orders
02/23/04   Order List
02/20/04   Miscellaneous Order
02/17/04   Miscellaneous Orders
02/12/04   Miscellaneous Orders
02/11/04   Miscellaneous Order
02/09/04   Miscellaneous Orders
02/05/04   Miscellaneous Order
02/04/04   Miscellaneous Orders
02/02/04   Miscellaneous Orders
01/28/04   Miscellaneous Order
01/26/04   Order List
01/23/04   Miscellaneous Order
01/21/04   Miscellaneous Order
01/20/04   Order List
01/16/04   Miscellaneous Orders
01/14/04   Miscellaneous Orders
01/13/04   Miscellaneous Orders
01/12/04   Miscellaneous Order
01/12/04   Order List
01/09/04   Miscellaneous Order
01/08/04   Miscellaneous Order
01/06/04   Miscellaneous Order
12/18/03   Miscellaneous Orders
12/15/03   Order List
12/09/03   Miscellaneous Order
12/08/03   Order List
12/01/03   Order List
11/17/03   Order List
11/10/03   Order List
11/06/03   Miscellaneous Orders
11/04/03   Miscellaneous Orders
11/03/03   Order List
10/23/03   Miscellaneous Order
10/20/03   Order List
10/14/03   Order List
10/09/03   Miscellaneous Order
10/08/03   Miscellaneous Order
10/06/03   Order List


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