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Column Header Definitions

The headers on the columns in the opinions chart have the following meanings.

R: Sequential number assigned by the Reporter of Decisions after the particular case was issued.

Date: Date the case was decided (cases are posted latest to earliest).

Docket: Docket number of the case.

Name: Parties to the case.

Revised: Link to post release revisions in the electronic version of a slip opinion.

J: The Justice who wrote the principal opinion in the case, or an unsigned per curiam opinion or decree:

A: Associate Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr.
AB: Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett
AK: Associate Justice Anthony M. Kennedy
B: Associate Justice Stephen G. Breyer
BK: Associate Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh
D: Decree in Original Case
EK: Associate Justice Elena Kagan
G: Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
NG: Associate Justice Neil M. Gorsuch
PC: Unsigned Per Curiam Opinion
R: Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.
SS: Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor
T: Associate Justice Clarence Thomas

Pt.: The United States Reports volume and preliminary print part number in which the case will appear.


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