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2010 Term Opinions Relating to Orders

The opinions included here are those written by individual Justices to comment on the summary disposition of cases by orders. Such an opinion might, for example, dissent from the denial of certiorari or concur in that denial. The opinions here include those written during October Term 2010 (October 4, 2010, through October 1, 2011). These opinions were posted here on the day of their issuance. They will remain posted until the opinions for the entire Term are published in the bound volumes of the United States Reports. For further information, see Column Header Definitions.

Caution: These electronic opinions may contain computer-generated errors or other deviations from the official paper versions of the opinions. Moreover, the original version of an opinion relating to an order is replaced within a few months by a paginated version of the opinion in the preliminary print, and-one year after the issuance of that print-by the final version of the case in a U.S. Reports bound volume. In case of discrepancies between the print and electronic versions of an opinion relating to an order, the print version controls. In case of discrepancies between an opinion relating to an order and any later official version of the opinion, the later version controls.

Date Docket Name J. Pt.
9/28/11 11-6029 (11A229) Valle v. Florida B 564/2
6/28/11 09-1395 Beer v. United States AS 564/2
6/27/11 10-8373 Derby v. United States AS 564/2
4/18/11 10-775 Kiyemba v. Obama B 563/1
3/21/11 10-388 Huber v. New Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection A 562/2
1/10/11 09-1555 Alderman v. United States T 562/1
12/13/10 10-24 Allen v. Lawhorn AS 562/1
12/06/10 09-10382 Williams v. Hobbs SS 562/1
11/29/10 10-5196 Gamache v. California SS 562/1
11/29/10 10-94 Harper v. Maverick Recording Co. A 562/1
11/01/10 09-1031 Wong v. Smith A 562/1
10/18/10 09-9515 Pitre v. Cain SS 562/1
10/12/10 10-67 Weise v. Casper G 562/1