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Recent Arguments

The transcripts of oral arguments are posted on this Web site on the same day an argument is heard by the Court. Same-day transcripts are considered official but subject to final review. The audio recordings of all oral arguments heard by the Supreme Court of the United States are available to the public at the end of each argument week. The audio recordings are posted on Fridays after Conference.

Wednesday, November 12
13-895 Alabama Legislative Black Caucus v. Alabama Transcript Audio
13-485 Comptroller of Treasury of Md. v. Wynne Transcript Audio
Monday, November 10
13-975 T-Mobile South, LLC v. City of Roswell Transcript Audio
13-1010 M&G Polymers USA, LLC v. Tackett Transcript Audio
Wednesday, November 05
13-7451 Yates v. United States Transcript Audio
13-7120 Johnson v. United States Transcript Audio
Tuesday, November 04
13-894 Department of Homeland Security v. MacLean Transcript Audio
13-684 Jesinoski v. Countrywide Home Loans, Inc. Transcript Audio
Monday, November 03
13-628 Zivitofsky v. Kerry Transcript Audio
13-435 Omnicare, Inc. v. Laborers Dist. Council Constr. Industry Pension Fund Transcript Audio

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