The East Pediment

West Pediment

The West Pediment located above the front entrance of the Supreme Court Building is the work of artist Robert I. Aitken. The pediment consists of a sculptural group of nine figures selected by Aitken, who was given free rein by architect Cass Gilbert to choose the subject matter for the sculpture as long as it "be worthy of the great Supreme Court." The allegorical figures contained in the sculpture include: Liberty Enthroned surrounded by two Guardian figures, on her right, Order, on her left, Authority. To the right and left are two figures that represent Council followed by two figures that represent Research, Past and Present. Many people were surprised to find that the six allegorical surrounding the central figures were sculpted portraits of people influential in the creation of the Supreme Court Building.

The inscription of the pediment, Equal Justice Under Law, was approved by Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes and the Supreme Court Building Commission in 1932. No source for the inscription is known.

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