The East Pediment

East and West Courtroom Frieze

Adolph Weinman chose a different approach for the East and West friezes in the Courtroom. Rather than depicting historical lawgivers, he created two friezes portraying allegorical, or symbolic, representations of law. On the east wall frieze, two figures, the Majesty of Law and the Power of Government, are seated with a pylon between them featuring the numerals I to X, which represent the first ten amendments of the Constitution, known as the Bill of Rights. To either side of these figures is Wisdom holding a lantern, and Statecraft, whose shield depicts the Scales of Justice. The groupings of figures on either side represent the protection of human rights and liberties.

The central figure in the west wall frieze is Divine Inspiration, holding the scales of justice. To the left is depicted Justice, leaning on a sheathed sword and staring down the forces of Evil on the right side of the frieze. She protects the powers of Good behind her. The two seated figures are Wisdom, with an owl perched on his shoulder, and Truth, holding a mirror and a rose.

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